Removing Candle Wax From Carpet

Candle wax is one of the hardest substances to remove from your carpet. Here’s how to remove it with just a few household items:

What you’ll need: very absorbent white paper towels, iron, firm bristle brush, butter knife, and a small bag of ice.

Step 1) Place bag of ice over the candle wax

Step 2) Turn the iron on the lowest setting

Step 3) Remove ice then scrape the wax away the best you can with the butter knife

Step 4) Lightly scrub the area with the bristle brush

Step 5) Lay paper towels over the wax and gently apply the iron to the paper towel

Step 6) Iron in a side by side motion and the wax should liquify and transfer over to the paper towel

Step 7) Turn paper towel over several times as your continue to iron in a side by side motion until all wax is absorbed


Black Lines On Your Carpet

Found along the edge of your room, stairs, and under doorways. Do you have them? Have you tried cleaning it yourself or called carpet cleaning companies in Ocean City NJ without results? The cause of black lines, also known as Filtration Soil in the cleaning industry, is dust and dirt being forced through your carpet from your home’s HVAC system.

Most carpet cleaners in Cape May and Atlantic County do not have the knowledge, chemistry, or tools to completely remove the filtration soil. To achieve the best results call the professionals at Gary’s Carpet Cleaning 609-744-0644